The Constructed Wetland Pond

Picture1The original pond was a functional component of a working farm in the 1950’s collecting runoff from the fields and hard surfaces and providing watering for the fields and livestock. Over the years the sediments collected to the extent that dredging the pond was deemed necessary to restore the health and function of this ecosystem. At that time, it was determined that a series of small constructed retention ponds should be added to the landscape to intercept water running into the big pond. By passing the runoff stream through four smaller ponds, the speed of the water flow slows and suspended sediments can settle to the bottom of the small ponds.  The small ponds are much easier and less expensive to dredge and maintain than is the large pond. Enhancements have continued in this Constructed Wetland Pond area to include boardwalk paths, decks and landscaped gardens to provide a peaceful area to enjoy the local wildlife that is attracted to the pond         

For more information about this garden, check out this video produced by Katie McMaster:


Constructed Wetland/Pond Brochure