The Shade Garden

This garden consists of several distinct garden areas.  Looking north from the walk to the volunteer center is an area designed to simulate a creek bed.  Low blue-green flowers and plants flow down the slope toward the wall.  Tall grasses at the top and perennial "Snow in Summer" add to the effect. The next area traveling east towards Meadowbrook Road is directly under several large spruce trees.  This area sees little light and water.  Currently sweet woodruff has been started at the top of the wall as ground cover.

Continuing east toward Meadowbrook Road you encounter a fence with cotoneaster flowing over the wall and clematis growing along the fence.  Plumbago has been added to the edge picking up on the stream concept of the other edge of the garden.  Many of the plants under the Spruce trees are native to Michigan.  We are trying to establish Jack in the Pulpit, Trillium, Baneberry, wild Geranium, snowdrop anemone and bleeding hearts.  Two Kousa Dogwoods add to the understory.