The Rose Garden

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The Tollgate Rose Garden is one of the oldest established and most beloved gardens on the property.   At the time MSU acquired the Tollgate property from the Americana Foundation in 1987, the garden was a grass drive circle between the farmhouse and barn. The initial design was open curved areas that highlighted the different types of roses, with additional changes over the years. This garden has produced abundant blooms for decades and was a favorite of visitors and volunteers alike, pictured above in 2013.  Unfortunately, Rose Rosette Disease (RRD) infected roses were identified on the Tollgate property in 2016 leading to the total loss of the Rose Garden as well as singular specimens in other gardens on the site.

Despite the challenges, roses are irreplaceable in our Tollgate gardens and should continue to be used in landscape plantings with changes in our horticultural practices of planting and care. Management of RRD requires a multistep approach in planning, planting, and ongoing Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  The plan is to restore Tollgate’s Rose Garden and recreate the spectacular centerpiece garden with roses as the stars of the show!

To see some of the great varieties planned for the MSU Tollgate rose garden renovation, CLICK HERE