The Nursery

nursery 2022

The nursery is designed to be a holding area for plant material to be shared between gardens on the property.  It is also used as an area for plant sales and for plant propagation.   The nursery contains both shady and sunny growing areas suitable for plants requiring a variety of growing conditions.  The nursery is an integral part of the Tollgate gardens. This area provides educational opportunities in horticultural management of potted nursery plants, plant identification, plant propagation and public education in basic horticultural principles. The plant sale events are the main fund raising projects for the Tollgate Gardens.

The success of the nursery is dependent on donations of plant materials from Tollgate garden Volunteers and other local gardeners who share divisions of desirable plants from their home gardens.  

The nursery team wants to say a huge THANK YOU to all those who supported the nursery's spring and fall plant sales with donations of plant material.