The Enabling Gardens

The book “The Enabling Garden” by Gene Rother inspired the Tollgate Enabling Garden.  This garden design provides for individuals who are experiencing various levels of flexibility and mobility restrictions.  Elevated containers eliminate the need for excessive reaching, bending, stooping, and kneeling associated with the traditional garden.  Annual plants are best suited for this type of garden, since perennial plantings would require digging in or moving to a sheltered area to protect their roots for the winter.

This garden provides for three types of accessibility:  1) the lower containers allow gardening from a seated position, as from a chair or bench.  2) The higher containers allow a standing position for those who require a walker, cane or other means for support.  The design of these containers also allows the gardener to lean on them for support without fear of toppling.  3) The table gardens are of the correct height to allow a wheelchair to slide under, providing a comfortable reach for the gardener.

For more information about this garden, check out this video produced by Katie McMaster: