Study & Test Tips

A week before a test, make an outline of what materials you will study on which days of the week. Review the core concepts once more the night before a test and get a good night of sleep.

Cramming for a test at the last minute is not recommended. A better way to study is a continuous process enabling your brain to store information in your long-term memory.

Test Strategies

Following some different test strategies can help alleviate anxiety.

Do a brain dump.

After you receive your test, jot down any formulas, equations or concepts you have memorized. This will free your mind to work on the test instead of trying to keep things in your memory.

Preview the test.

Scan the number of questions and the number of points questions are worth.

  • Rank the order of difficulty for each question.
  • Answer the easiest questions first followed by the harder questions worth the most points.
  • With multiple choice questions: In some cases several answers may be right. Narrow down the options and look for the best answer.
  • With essay questions: Outline you response and make sure you work each part of the question before you start writing. Use a pencil.

Follow directions.

Read the directions for each question slowly and carefully. Underline key terms and steps for emphasis.

Evaluate difficult questions.

Skip questions you are sure of, noting them to return later. Don’t leave any questions blank. Partial points for an answer are better than no points.