What is Food@MSU?

With so much conflicting information about food, it’s difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Food@MSU, an initiative of Michigan State University (MSU) AgBioResearch, strives to listen to you and provide tools steeped in science to help you make more informed decisions about food, where it comes from and how it impacts our health and our planet.

We are working to:

Bridge the gap between consumers and agriculture.

A 2016 study from the Center for Food Integrity reveals that 80 percent of people want to know more about their food and how it is produced but lack a direct connection to agriculture. MSU can connect you with farms and farmers and inform you of the challenges of producing food now and in the future.

Inspire meaningful conversations.

Rather than turning to cell phones for answers, let’s engage with one another and communicate in person. This type of dialogue inspires and enlightens all of us.

We are hosting Our Table discussions on relevant food topics and issues. Food scientists and researchers, and you can come together for engaging conversations, and leave with new knowledge and an appreciation for one another’s perspectives.

Drive research to improve all facets of food.

Our seed grant program awards funding to interdisciplinary research teams working on food and community-focused projects. Our Food Fellows are faculty from diverse food related fields who use their expertise to help consumers make food choices steeped in science. We are also listening to public through the MSU Food Literacy and Engagement Poll, released twice per year, measures consumer knowledge and opinions on various food topics and provides a baseline to develop the initiative’s programming.  

Be clear, relatable and practical.

We want to be your trusted partner and go-to source for science-based information on all food issues. As the nation’s premier land grant institution, MSU leads the way in food-related education and research. Our expertise extends across disciplines, from agriculture and animal science, to human health and nutrition, business and communication. 



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