Paige Kennedy is the lead propagator at the Amazon Seattle Spheres

She followed her Horticulture passion and has a satisfying career path.

Paige Kennedy earned her B.S. in Horticulture in 2019. She moved to Seattle, Washington, after graduation from Michigan State University (MSU) and found a job at the Seattle Spheres, which is open to Amazon employees and the public.

Why did you choose Horticulture and why MSU?

I chose Horticulture because it’s an exciting mixture of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Geography. Horticulture teaches you about the fascinating aspects of plants, their environment, how they both interact and how to manipulate each to achieve the growth and environment you are striving for.

I chose MSU for this path because it is a highly credited university for Horticulture. My family has a long history at MSU including my great grandfather who taught agriculture at MSU in the 1940s.

Where did you go after MSU? 

After MSU I moved to Seattle to work at the Amazon Spheres. The Amazon Spheres are three connected conservatories that are filled with nearly 4,000 species of tropical plants.

Describe your current work. What keeps you engaged in your work?

I work primarily in the backup greenhouse that grows the plants that go into the Spheres. My role is the lead propagator where I produce all young plant material by means of seed or cuttings for use in living walls and interior garden beds. My daily tasks are watering, fertilizing, pruning, re-potting plants and making new plant material. My favorite task is seed germination.

What advice can you give current or potential students?

Horticulture is a wonderful passion and a satisfying career path. The best advice I can give is to enjoy learning about all aspects of horticulture whether it be hands-on work or the genetics and physiology aspects of the science. Once you’re in a horticulturist role, you will be amazed at the spectrum of knowledge you can use to achieve your work.

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