Product Development Team Making It Into The Finals

Congratulations to our Product Development team on making it into the finals.

Congratulations to our Product Development team on making it into the finals of the IFT-Mars Product Development Competition this year!  The members of the team are Srishti LNU (Team Lead), Wei-Ting (Vivian) Chiang, and Rajsri Raghunath.  Only a select number of teams from across the world are invited to compete in this very competitive competition.  Typically the finalists would compete in Chicago this summer, but due to social distancing they will be showcasing their product through a virtual arena at the 2020 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo.  Competition from Food Science programs across the world will be fierce, so I wish the team good luck and congratulations on making it this far. 

A description of their product

Presenting Jack-etz, the ultimate indulgence in a crumbly baked pastry pocket, that is rich in protein, iron, vitamin A and fiber! Our innovative filled pastry pocket is made with jackfruit seeds, which are currently a commercially unused byproduct of jackfruit processing. This makes Jack-etz not only a delicious, healthy, and easy snack, but also an environmentally-conscious product. Prepare for a sensory delight with the unique flavor of its sweet and savory ripe jackfruit filling. Tickle your taste buds with the jack of all fruits!


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