The 21 apprentices and three guides

Susannah Haupt, '15; Caitlin McNichols, '15 Katelynne Spaans, '15

Long ago and far away across the sea, twenty-one young apprentices and three guides set off on a quest to learn the history of the Dutch people and their dairy farming ways. After a brief time away to the dairy farms of the gentry, they were reunited to continue their quest. The twenty-one young apprentices and three guides embarked on their journey by chariot to pay homage to the estate of Doorwerth Castle previously held by the Van Doorenward lineage. They were joyously awaiting their entrance into the castle, yet were downtrodden when the noble knights guarding the fortress turned them away. Alas, a tour of the grounds would suffice to sate the curiosity of the entourage, who had always fantasized about living in a noble castle.    

 Thus the travellers continued on their journey through the historical countryside.  The group paid a solemn visit to the graves of Dutch, British, and Polish soldiers that bravely fought and fell in the name of freedom during World War II.  The site was so named Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery.  Although the members of this great battle had fought valiantly, the enemy company had won the encounter. The visitors then traipsed through the beautiful grounds before forging on to their next adventure.

Upon the long awaited arrival to the borough of Wageningen, the troop mounted their bicycles and set off to discover ancient castle ruins.  The journey thither was filled with breathtaking landscapes and a short ferry ride across the magnificent river called Rhine.  Eighty pence was the only requirement for passage.  The sun beat down on the adventurers, but they finally stumbled upon the hidden ruins.  The location flourished with various foliage, which provided many opportunities to capture moments of time.  Once rest was acquired it was time to embark on the return voyage.  Despite the separation of several brave travellers, every member of the troop survived the venture and returned safely to the abode. 

A celebration was in order for it was the anniversary of Sam’s birth twenty-two years prior.  A feast was had by all at a banquet hall for those yearning for sustenance from the exotic country of Italy.  The twenty-one apprentices and three guides returned to their temporary living space for a well-deserved rest.  The day was filled with historical adventures and many beautiful sights to see.  A bicycle ride and stroll around town completed the opportunity to immerse oneself within the history of the Netherlands.  Never will we forget the bold travels we young apprentices had today. 

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