Katherine Alaimo

Katherine Alaimo

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Associate Professor, Director, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Minor and Specialization
Center for Regional Food Systems




PhD, Cornell University, 2000
MS, Cornell University, 1997

Research Interests

Dr. Alaimo is a nutritional epidemiologist and community-based participatory researcher with interests in food justice, community food security, urban agriculture and gardening, policy and environmental supports for promoting healthy eating and physical activity, and school nutrition and health.

Outreach Focus

Community Nutrition
Community Activation for Prevention Study (CAPS)

Instructional Activities

HNF 150 – Introduction to Human Nutrition
HNF 824 – Nutrition Policies & Programs
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems minor and specialization

Recent Publications

You can view Dr. Alaimo's full publication list on her Google Scholar page

Beavers AW, Atkinson A, Varvatos LM*, Connolly M*, Alaimo K.  How gardening in Detroit influences physical and mental health.  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 19:7899, 2022.

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Books and Book Chapters

Alaimo K, Chilton M, Jones A. Food Insecurity and Hunger. In Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 11th Edition, Volume 2: Clinical and Applied Topics in Nutrition, International Life Sciences Institute, 2020

Alaimo K, Bassett E, Wilkerson R, Smiley M, Warbach J, Hines A, Guzmán L, Krup C, Mosack J*, and Petersmarck K. Design Guidelines For Active Michigan Communities: Imagining, Creating, and Improving Communities for Physical Activity, Active Living, and Recreation. Lansing, MI: Michigan Department of Community Health. 98 pages. May 2006. link  

Alaimo K and Hassler D, eds.  From Seeds to Stories:  The Community Garden Storytelling Project of Flint.  Flint Urban Gardening and Land Use Corporation and Prevention Research Center of Michigan.  83 pages. April 2003.