Achieving Food Systems Visions - Past, Present and Future (Webinar Series)

August 1, 2018 - Ellen Kahler, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund; Michael Dahl, Minnesota Food Charter; Tom Kelly, Food Solutions New England

The goal of this series is to generate ideas about directions for the Michigan Good Food movement after 2020 by learning from similar initiatives in other states and reflecting on the first eight years of the Michigan Good Food Charter in action. 

The series features: Ellen Kahler, Vermont Farm to Plate; Michael Dahl, Minnesota Food Charter; and Tom Kelly, Food Solutions New England (six state region). Each speaker addresses developing a vision and structure for food systems work, facilitating collaboration across food system sectors, pursuing policy change, and ensuring equity.

This webinar series is hosted by Kathryn Colasanti, Academic Specialist, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

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Vermont Farm to Plate


This is the first part of the three-part webinar series. Ellen Kahler, Executive Director of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, speaks about Vermont Farm to Plate, a 10 year initiative to collectively strengthen Vermont’s food system.


Vermont Farm to Plate slideshow


Minnesota Food Charter


This is the second part of the series. Michael Dahl, Director of the Minnesota Food Charter Network, speaks about how the Network supports and fosters shared action and capacity to implement the Minnesota Food Charter’s 99 strategies, which increase access to healthy, safe, and affordable food for all.


Minnesota Food Charter slideshow


Food Solutions New England


This is the third and final part of the webinar series. Tom Kelly, co-author of the New England Food Vision, speaks about the work of the University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Institute and the vision and structure of Food Solutions New England.



Food Solutions New England slideshow

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