Webinar - Delivering More Than Food: Understanding and Operationalizing Racial Equity in Food Hubs

August 25, 2020 - Author: , , Dennis Derryck, Haile Johnston, Sarah Rodman-Alvarez, Roxana Rodriguez, and

Food hubs are often perceived as addressing injustices in U.S. food systems, particularly by increasing economic power of small- and mid-size producers and bolstering local and regional supply chains. Many food hubs report having a social mission. Although there has been a national food hub survey every two years since 2013, the survey has not shed light on the extent to which racial equity is an institutionalized priority in food hub work.

The webinar below shares results from a qualitative study led by a diverse group of food system practitioners as to how U.S. based food hubs understand and operationalize engagement in racial equity work. We share examples of how food hubs operationalize equity within their business, and with their partners, and with the community they serve. Authors and food hub leader discussants also offer perspectives on the deeper questions that must be addressed to meaningfully support equity across the food system.


  • Kimberly Carr - MSU Center for Regional Food Systems
  • Dennis Derryck – Corbin Hill Food Project
  • Haile Johnston – The Common Market
  • Rich Pirog - MSU Center for Regional Food Systems
  • Sarah Rodman-Alvarez - University of La Verne – California
  • Roxana Rodriguez - University of California Berkeley
  • Philip Warsaw – MSU Department of Community Sustainability

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This webinar was sponsored by the MSU Center for Regional Food Systems in association with the Racial Equity in the Food System Workgroup. It aired on August 24, 2020. 

Funding for the Racial Equity in the System Workgroup is provided in part by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.


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