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Selected Publications

Miller, Steve, John Mann, Judith Barry, Tom Kalchik, and Michael Hamm. 2015. "Valuing Michigan's Local Food System: A Replicable Model for Valuing Local Food." Journal of Agriculture and Applied Economics, 47(4): 441-461.

Mann, John and Dave Shideler. 2015. “Developing a Composite Entrepreneurship Indicator as a Measure of Schumpeterian Activity.” Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, 4(1): 57-84.

Mann, John and Shida Henneberry. 2014. “Online vs. Face-to-Face: Undergraduate Students’ Preferences and Willingness to Pay for College Course Attributes.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 46(1): 1–19.

Mann, John and Shida Henneberry. 2012. “What Characteristics of College Students Influence Their Decisions to Select Online Courses?”  Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 15(4): 1-14.

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