The Department of Entomology is at the forefront of MSU’s efforts to provide solutions for the world’s most challenging problems. Below is a sampling of global research and outreach underway.

Where we work: Partial listing of MSU Department of Entomology collaboration


Countries of recent collaboration

Area of expertise

Cognato, Anthony

Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Guyana, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador, Indonesia

Insect systematics

Benbow, Eric

Benin, Malawi, Australia, Thailand, China, France, United Kingdom, French Guiana

Aquatic entomology, Forensic entomology, Microbiomes

Bird, George 

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan

Nematology, Soil Health Biology and IPM 

Chung, Henry

Australia, France

Insect pheromones, insect molecular biology

DiFonzo, Chris

Canada, Sri Lanka

Field Crops

Dong, Ke

Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Malawi, Israel

Insect toxicology and neurophysiology

Dilrukshi Hashini Galhena

Various countries in Africa and Asia

Socioeconomic issues of agriculture

Grieshop, Matt

France, Ireland

Fruit IPM, organic pest management

Gut, Larry

Australia, Kazakhstan, Rwanda, Canada, Mexico

Tree fruit entomology, IPM, invasive pests

Huang, Zachary

China, Taiwan

Honey bee biology and insect hormones

Isaacs, Rufus


Berry crops entomology

Jess, Lynnae

Australia, Canada

US North Central IPM Center

Jiang, Wayne

Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Singapore, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam

Analytical chemistry, pesticide residue study, laboratory GLP training

Landis, Doug

Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Tajikistan

Landscape ecology and biological control

Landis, Joy

Various global IPM communications

IPM Communications

Maredia, Karim

Africa, Central Asia, India, and many global projects

International IPM

McCullough, Deborah

New Zealand

Forest entomology

Mota-Sanchez, David

Mexico, Ecuador, Turkey and insecticide resistance globally

Insecticide toxicology and resistance, IPM, biotechnology

Olsen, Larry

Nicaragua, Peru

IPM, extension, agricultural demonstration with two Universities and a Technological school 

Ording, Gabriel

Canada, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Virgin Islands

Study abroad programming

Pechal, Jen

Benin, France, Belgium, China, Australia

Insect-Microbiome; Forensics

Pett, Walt

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, South Africa, Uzbekistan

Vegetable/potato entomology

Pittendrigh, Barry

Benin, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Ghana

IPM Communications

Poland, Therese

Canada, China

Forest Service - insect pest management, detection and control of bark beetles and woodborers

Ravlin, Bill


IPM, forest entomology

Smith, Jim

Canada, England, Spain, Turkey

Host Relationships, Molecular Phylogenetics of Rhagoletis spp.; Evolution Education

Smitley, David


Landscape/turfgrass entomology

White, Peter


Lepidoptera ecology and science education

Wise, John


Fruit entomology