Past Summits

2020 Michigan Good Food Virtual Summit

Moving Forward with Equity & Resilience

October-November 2020

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The 2020 Michigan Good Food Summit was a series of virtual gatherings that brought together people from across Michigan to celebrate achievements and launch a renewed effort to advance good food systems in Michigan that promote equity, health, sustainability, and thriving economies.

The 2020 Summit was a unique event for youth, individuals, businesses, and organizations to collaborate and set the stage for the next 10 years of good food systems in Michigan!

Eight priority areas were covered in presentations, panels, and lightning talks:

  • Food Access to Food Sovereignty
  • Farm & Food Business Viability
  • Fair Wages & Economic Opportunity
  • The Role of Education in Food Systems
  • Advancing Good Food Policy
  • Health Equity in the Food System
  • Sustainable Ecosystems & Climate Change Mitigation & Resilience
  • COVID-19 & Food System Resilience

The Virtual Summit webinar series ran between October 12 and November 18, 2020.

The 2020 Michigan Good Food Summit Planning Committee

  • Anna Almanza - Food Bank Council of Michigan
  • Addell Anderson - FoodCorps Michigan
  • Ashley Atkinson - Keep Growing Detroit
  • Alexander Ball - Old City Acres
  • Kathryn Colasanti - MSU Center for Regional Food Systems
  • Diane Drago - DMS Events
  • Liz Gensler - MSU Center for Regional Food Systems
  • Maureen Husek - Beaumont Health
  • Rachel Kelly - MSU Center for Regional Food Systems
  • Daniel Marbury - Crosshatch
  • Shiloh Maples - American Indian Health and Family Services
  • Caroline Michniak – Eastern Market Partnership
  • Samantha Otto - Muskegon Family Care and West Michigan Growers Group
  • Elissa Penczar - Muskegon Area Career Tech Center
  • Cynthia Price - Washtenaw Solidarity with Farmworkers
  • Lindsey Scalera - MSU Center for Regional Food Systems
  • Michelle Schulte - Inter-Tribal Council of MI
  • Kelly Wilson - Taste the Local Difference
  • Lori Yelton - Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

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2018 Michigan Good Food Summit

Amplifying Voices for Equity

On October 22, 2018, the Michigan Good Food Summit amplified under-represented voices across the food system to continue advancing the Good Food Charter's vision of equity, sustainability and a thriving economy for all of Michigan and its people. More than 500 people attended the summit at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center to participate in storytelling and listening throughout the day. 

2018 Good Food Summit Full Agenda

Agenda at a Glance

Breakout Session Presentations and Notes

  1. Uplifting Youth Vision and Leadership in Good Food Work - PresentationNotes
  2. Plate to Politics: Women Leading from the Farmhouse to the White House - PresentationNotes
  3. Amplifying Unheard Voices Through the Media - PresentationNotes
  4. Fair Food from Fair Labor: National and Regional Tools to Reduce Exploitation - PresentationNotes
  5. Market to Chef: Streamlining the Shopping Experience for Chefs at the Farmers Market - Presentation
  6. Elevating Equity in the Food Policy Process - Notes
  7. Big Ideas Grow from Great Partnerships - Notes
  8. Scaling Your Food Business with Financing - It's All in the Preparation - PresentationNotes
  9. Morning Lightning Talks - Notes
    1. Addressing Food Insecurity through Community Engagement
    2. Urban Food Production With Exceptional Students: The Gardens at Drew
    3. Transforming School Culture from Inside Out
    4. Invisible Workers: Slavery, Gender Violence, and Poverty in Food Labor
    5. Advocacy for Healthy Checkout Aisles
    6. Can a Lansing-Grown Label Unify Urban Farmers and Catalyze a Robust Food System?
    7. Sources of Microbial Contamination on Produce in Farm Operations
    8. Impact of New Work Requirements on SNAP and Food Access
  10. Growing Michigan's Faith-Based Good Food Movement: An Interactive Workshop - Notes
  11. Collecting Stories of Food Systems Change: A Hands-on Workshop - Notes
  12. Valuing and Supporting Youth Engagement for 10 Cents a Meal and Farm to School Success - PresentationNotes
  13. Empowering Latino Farmers - PresentationNotes
  14. Michigan CSAs: Opportunities in Supporting Food Access and Farm Viability through Community Supported Agriculture - PresentationNotes
  15. Designing for Equity: Modeling a Better Michigan Food System - Notes
  16. Learning How to Use Data to Improve Community Food Access - Notes
  17. Open Space Session
  18. Afternoon Lightning Talks
    1. Exploring Food Access and Food Environments in a Medical Setting
    2. Farming on the Spectrum
    3. Starting with Breakfast
    4. Improving Community Food & Health with the Grocery Store Coalition
    5. Building an Impactful Food Council: An Online Professional Development Course
    6. Reimagining the Michigan Food Hub Network
    7. Juvenile Justice Services
    8. Wiisinidaa Mnomiijim: Let’s Eat Good Food in Indian Country—Tribal Food Sovereignty, Justice and Policy in Indian Country

2016 Michigan Good Food Summit

Good Food For All: The Road to 2020

The 2016 Michigan Good Food Summit was held on October 28, 2016 at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing. Our nearly 500 attendees engaged and networked with others, celebrated good food achievements, learned and shared practices and ideas, enjoyed delicious meals, and reflected on and developed strategies for our theme: "Good Food For All: The Road to 2020." 

2016 Good Food Summit Detailed Agenda

Breakout Session Presentations & Notes:

  1. Bringing Local Meat into the Good Food Dialogue - Presentation | Notes
  2. Label, Label, What's on the Table - Notes
  3. Policy & Advocacy for Healthy Sustainable Food System - Presentation | Notes
  4. The Good Food Charter in Rural Michigan - Presentation | Notes
  5. Greater Access to Fruit & Veg. at Farmers Markets - Presentation | Notes
  6. Evaluating Food Systems Change Through Stories - Presentation | Notes
  7. Developing Organizational Capacity for Youth Involvement - Presentation | Notes
  8. Lightning Session Presentations
    1. Finding a Market for Your #2s
    2. Michigan Good Food Fund: Successes & Opportunities
    3. Spatial Pop. & Asset Representations Guide for Public Health Program Planning
    4. Cultivating Opportunity: Land Transfer Tools for Beginning Farmers
    5. From Seed to Plate: A Farm to Institution Journey
    6. Harnessing the Power of Data to Help Michigan's Local Food System Thrive
    7. Eat Safe Fish
    8. Addressing Food Insecurity with a Local Food System
    9. Lightning Session Notes
  9. As Local Goes Mainstream, What Is Your Business' Value Proposition? - CANCELLED
  10. Bridging the GAPs and Beyond in Food Safety - Presentation | Notes
  11. Farmland Conservation for Beginning Farmers - Presentation | Notes
  12. Faith Communities for Just Food -  Hazon Presentation | Access of West Michigan Presentation | Plainsong Farm & Ministry Presentation | Notes
  13. Food Justice and How to Grow It - Presentation | Notes
  14. Understanding the Work of Leaders on the Road to 2020 - Presentation | Notes
  15. Connecting Kids to Healthy Food in School - Presentation | Notes
  16. Lightning Session Presentations
    1. Exploring Incubator Farm Model as Part of Local, Regional, National Food Systems
    2. Healthy Corner Stores
    3. Making the Most of Your Incubator Kitchen
    4. 10 Cents a Meal for School Kids and Farms
    5. Food as Medicine: A Community Approach
    6. Feeding the Future: Development & Testing of Food Paradigm Scale
    7. Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste Report
    8. Risks vs. Benefits in Tribal Commercial Fish Harvest
    9. Measuring Impact for Farmers Market Success
    10. Lightning Session Notes

2014 Michigan Good Food Summit

The 2014 Good Food Summit was held on October 27-28, 2014 and brought together approximately 420 people for a high-energy day of learning and networking around the future of food in Michigan!

2014 Good Food Summit Detailed Agenda


Breakout Session Powerpoints:

Breakout Session 1: Brown

Breakout Session 2: Baas

Breakout Session 2: Nyquist

Breakout Session 2: Shreve

Breakout Session 2: Smith

Breakout Session 5: Kimelman

Breakout Session 5: Oliver-King

Breakout Session 6: Broadbent

Breakout Session 6: Freeman

Breakout Session 6: Montri

Breakout Session 6: Uganski

Breakout Session 8: Pinard and Yaroch

Breakout Session 8: Pirog

2012 Michigan Good Food Summit

Held on June 14, 2012, the second Michigan Good Food Summit also convened over 350 people for a report on progress and success stories since 2010 and strategy sessions on key topic areas of the charter.


2012 Michigan Good Food Summit Agenda  

Strategy Session Notes

Session 1: Local Purchasing Campaign

Session 2: Farmer Capacity

Session 3: Food Hubs

Session 4: Double Up Food Bucks

Session 5: Youth Resources

Session 6: Retail Initiatives

Session 7: Food Processing Infrastructure


2010 Michigan Good Food Summit

Held on February 25, 2010, the first Michigan Good Food Summit brought together over 350 people from across Michigan to provide input on proposed goals and priorities for the state. This input was then used to develop the first draft of the charter.


2010 Michigan Good Food Summit Agenda

Video recordings of the presentations given at the Michigan Good Food Summit can be seen below.

Mike Hamm, MSU - A Vision for Michigan's Food System

Anne Scott, MSU - Youth Engagement and Opportunity Work Group

Celeste Rabaut, Consultant - Healthy Food Access Work Group

Susan Schmidt, The Henry Ford - Institutional Food Purchasing Work Group

Rob Sirrine, MSU Extension Leelanau County - Farm Viability and Development Work Group

Patty Cantrell, Michigan Land Use Institution - Food System Infrastructure Work Group