Julianna Adams: 2022-2023 G. Malcolm Trout Scholarship Recipient

Julianna Adams, FSHN Nutritional Sciences student, shares her experience with the program and what receiving the G. Malcolm Trout Undergraduate Scholarship has meant for her undergraduate experience.

Name: Julianna Adams

Hometown: Battle Creek, Michigan

Major: Nutritional Sciences

Why did you choose MSU FSHN for your major?

I was raised on a small farm and was very involved in 4H and FFA, so my background in agriculture had many connections to diverse food systems. And being an avid runner for most of my life, I also developed an interest in nutrition early on as a way to improve my performance.

It was early in my MSU career that my passion for equitable food access developed. I aspire to help individuals reach well-being through a healthy lifestyle and using the scientific facts of nutrition rather than following each and every health craze.

What has been the most interesting thing you have learned during your major?

Diet is not one-size-fits-all, it is very complex and unique to every individual. Food access and proper nutrition is a right that everyone should have.

What has receiving the G. Malcolm Trout Undergraduate Scholarship meant to you?

Receiving the G. Malcolm Trout Undergraduate Scholarship has given me a boost in confidence that I should continue my postgraduate education to strengthen my knowledge and network in my career. It has encouraged me to increase my interaction with professors in my department.

What are your future plans?

I will attend graduate school and prepare for a career in Nutrition Science research. I am double majoring in Plant Biology and Biomedical and Molecular Nutritional Sciences and minoring in Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems. I hope to connect these disciplines and work to provide sustainable food systems as a source of healthy produce in communities.

If there was only one thing you could share with someone considering MSU FSHN for their undergraduate experience, what would you tell them?

I have learned so much along the way, it is impossible to limit my advice to one thing.

Get involved in things! Join clubs in your field, go to events for your major, study abroad if you can. Being active in my department has allowed me to create friendships with my peers that have similar interests and goals. It has given me a network of people in my courses and overall made my experience in MSU FSHN very enjoyable.

If you have the opportunity to join the Honors College, do not pass it up! There are some amazing benefits and the Honors College opened the door (which I may not have done on my own) to working with the faculty.

And, I have some free advice: If you have interest in sustainable food systems, apply at the Student Organic Farm! I have learned so much about local food systems, I get to spend time outside in the gardens during the week, and have met some really amazing people.

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