Product Center Client RNS Packaging Wins MBPA Elite Sustainable Small Business Award

RNS Packaging, makers of the FunPak™ Dog Bones Premium Packaging, has won the Michigan Business and Professional Association Award for being the Elite Sustainable Small Business in Michigan for 2013.

RNS Packaging is a veteran-owned, Michigan based company committed to manufacturing socially responsible FunPak Premium Packaging while employing and retraining returning veterans. The first line of packaging, FunPak Dog Bones, offers a boutique package opening experience for the pet industry’s retail gift packaging or fulfillment shipping of online orders.  This newly, patented product is non-toxic so it won’t harm children or animals.

Founder Rich Daniels goal was to transform the way American companies ship packages, reduce the tens of millions of tons of toxic plastic being deposited in U.S. landfills each year, and employ at-risk veterans in sustainable, living-wage jobs.

Daniels credits the Product Center in guiding their mission and creating valuable relationships with dozens of business leaders, along with establishing new sales outlets through participation in the annual Making It In Michigan conference and trade show.

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