Leslie D. Bourquin

Leslie D. Bourquin

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Professor and Chairperson
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition




PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1993
MS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1989


Fulbright Research Scholar – Nord Pas de Calais Scholar, France, 2007-08
MSU College of Human Ecology Outreach Award, 2002
International Life Sciences Institute, North America — Alex Malaspina Future Leader Award, 2001
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, 1988-91

Research Interests

Diet and Colon Cancer

Impact of plant flavonoids on intestinal tumorigenesis, dietary carbohydrate sources and their influence on colon cancer development, gastrointestinal fermentations of plant cell wall polysaccharides and other indigestible dietary carbohydrates.

Food Safety

Influence of food safety assurance programs on incidence and concentrations of biological and chemical hazards in apple cider, food safety risk governance and policy development, impact of public and private food safety standards on hazard incidence.

Outreach Focus

Extension food safety specialist. Conduct training on food safety management systems including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), good manufacturing practices, hygiene and sanitation, good agricultural practices (pre-harvest food safety), and food safety programs for restaurants and retail food operations throughout the United States and internationally.

Dr. Bourquin has conducted international development and training programs in Bulgaria (1999, 2000), Romania (2003), India (2004-2012), China (2005, 2009, 2010, 2012), Rwanda (2008), Thailand (2007, 2011-2012), Vietnam (2011-2012) and Indonesia (2011-2012).

Recent Publications

Geith, C., K. Vignare, D. Thiagarajan, and L. D. Bourquin. 2010. Designing corporate training in developing economies using open educational resources. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks 14:3-12.

Bagumire, A., E. C. D. Todd, G. W. Nasinyama, C. Muyanja, W. K. Rumbeiha, C. Harris, and L. D. Bourquin. 2009. Potential sources of food hazards in emerging commercial aquaculture industry in sub-Saharan Africa: A case study for Uganda. Int. J. Food Sci. Technol. 44:1677-1687.

Harris, K. L., G. Bobe, and L. D. Bourquin. 2009. Patulin Surveillance in apple cider produced and sold by Michigan cider mills in 2002-2004 and apple juice and cider sold in retail grocery stores in Michigan in 2005-2006. J. Food Protect. 72:1255-1261.

Wang, B., G. Bobe, J. J. LaPres, and L. D. Bourquin. 2009. Dietary carbohydrate source alters gene expression profile of intestinal epithelium in mice. Nutr. Cancer 61:146-155.

Wang, B., G. Bobe, J. J. LaPres, and L. D. Bourquin. 2009. High sucrose diets promote intestinal epithelial cell proliferation and tumorigenesis in APCMin mice by increasing insulin and IGF-I levels. Nutr. Cancer 61:81-93.

Knight, A., M. R. Worosz, M. K. Lapinski, T. A. Ten Eyck, C. K. Harris, L. D. Bourquin, T. M. Dietz, P. B. Thompson, and E. C. D. Todd. 2007. Consumer perceptions of the food safety system: Implications for food safety educators and policy makers. J. Food Protect.

Bobe, G., D. J. Thede, T. A. Ten Eyck, and L. D. Bourquin. 2007. Microbial levels in Michigan apple cider and their association with manufacturing practices. J. Food Protect.

Bobe, G., B. Wang, N. Seeram, M. G. Nair, and L. D. Bourquin. 2006. Dietary anthocyanin-rich tart cherry extract inhibits intestinal tumorigenesis in APCmin mice fed suboptimal levels of sulindac. J. Agric. Food Chem. 54:9322-9328.

Ten Eyck T, Thede D, Bobe G and Bourquin LD. 2006. "Is HACCP Nothing? A disjoint constitution between inspectors, processors and consumers and the cider industry in Michigan." Agriculture and Human Values.

Bourquin LD, Thiagarajan D and Korstanje R. Partnerships for Food Industry Development – Fruits and Vegetables – India Project. Value Chain Analysis – Fresh Mango and Processed Mango Products in Maharashtra. December 2005.

Kang SY, Seeram NP, Nair MG and Bourquin LD. "Tart cherry anthocyanins inhibit tumor development in ApcMin mice and reduce proliferation of human colon cancer cells." Cancer Letters. 194:13-19, 2003.

Nair, Muraleedharan G, Bourquin LD, Seeram NP and Kang SY. "Method for treating tumors caused by APC gene mutation with anthocyanins and cyanidin." United States Patent 6,656,914. December 2, 2003.

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