Simon Funge-Smith, PhD

Simon Funge-Smith

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Adjunct Faculty
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife


Senior Fishery Officer, UN Food and Agriculture Organization

With responsibility for FAO’s global program on inland fisheries, his work covers the valuation and assessment of the role and importance of the world’s inland fisheries. As part of FAOs function to develop norms for responsible use and management of fisheries resources he works with other colleagues and global networks of government officers, researchers and civil society organizations to seek solutions to national and global threats and challenges to inland fisheries.

Simon Funge-Smith’s professional career spans both fisheries and aquaculture development, with 27 years of experience working in Asia. This work has covered marine and inland fisheries development, extensive and intensive aquaculture, rural development and their associated livelihoods. His work also covers emergency response and rehabilitation to natural and complex disasters. His work in the regional policy environment complemented this, as secretary of a regional fishery body (the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission) and over 16 years of active experience of working with intergovernmental organizations (APFIC, FAO, UNEP, UNDP, NACA, SEAFDEC, BOBP-IGO, INFOFISH, MRC, ASEAN). He has direct country-level experience in: Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Malaysia, Viet Nam, China PR, Korea DPR, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Bhutan, Nepal, IR Iran, Timor Leste, Palau, South Sudan, Malawi.

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