Michigan Carrot Industry Research Priorities

Contact Person: Jamie Clover Adams (

  1. Variety screening and development of carrot varieties for processing and fresh market.
    • Improved yields and quality characteristics.
    • Improved resistance or tolerance to Aster Leaf Hopper / Aster Yellows infectivity.
    • Improved resistance to foliar diseases.
  2. Insect, disease, and nematode control management.
    • Screen new chemistries and chemical combinations for improved pest control.
    • Improve monitoring and detection of Aster Leaf Hopper / Aster Yellows infectivity, followed by rapid delivery of that information back to growers.
    • Improved understanding and control of plant parasitic nematodes.
  3. Improved cultural practices.
    • New rotations, cover crops and management practices to improve stands and reduce effects of harmful nematodes and soil-borne diseases.
    • Lower residual N levels in processed carrots while maintaining high yields.
  4. Improved weed control strategies.
    • Develop new chemical, mechanical, and cultural methods of controlling weeds.
    • Screen new herbicides and support product registration that will reduce the industry’s dependence on linuron.


Updated September 2022