Michigan Plum Industry Research Priorities

Michigan Plum Advisory Board
12800 Escanaba Dr. Suite A
DeWitt, MI 48820
DeWitt office: 517 669-4250
Hard office: 231 873-2740

Contact person / Submitter: John Bakker


1. Screen new varieties and rootstocks and provide recommendations for commercial growers.


2. Improved control of fruit and foliar pests, while maintaining fruit free of chemical blemishes.

    a. Bacterial spot on fruit and leaves

    b. Improved control of black knot fungus.

    c. Effective management of spotted wing drosophila

    d. Efficacy testing of low risk pesticides for control of insect and disease pests.

    e. Tree mortality due to bacterial canker and other causes

    f. Alternative methods of pest control such as resistant varieties, mating disruption and biological controls.


3. Improved awareness of the Michigan Plum industry through web presence and social media 


4. Increased profitable alternative uses and marketing strategies for plums – packaging, processing uses for plums including distillation products


 Last Updated: October 2015