Michigan Commercial Beekeepers Association

Research Priorities

  1. Research on the exposure and effects on bees of fungicides and other pesticides commonly used us Michigan fruit and vegetable production. 
  2. Research and extension on effects of insect growth regulators on honey bee colonies. 
  3. Methods to improve colony health while on pollination. 
    • Susceptibility to disease.
    • Best management practices to reduce stress.
  4.  Varroa mite controls.
  5.  Improvements to honey bee nutrition.
    • Potential deficiencies in the diet.
    • Planting to improve honey bee health while on pollination.
  6. Understand the economic impacts of spotted knapweed biocontrol measures.
  7. Develop better methods for indoor overwintering.
  8. Investigate causes for late summer brood problems and colony loss.
  9. Methods for nosema control.
  10. Disease diagnostics.
  11. Honey bee viruses.

Updated October 2019