Growing U.P. Agricultural Association

2022-2023 Agronomy Priorities

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Submitter:  Paul Naasz, Facilitator

The Growing U.P. Agricultural Association strives to provide direction and support collaborative efforts to share resources through the agriculture industry in the Upper Peninsula. 

Top Four Priorities

  1. Promote the integration of regenerative crop and livestock systems that are climate resilient.
  2. Investigate, develop, demonstrate and communicate methods to improve soil health and soil biology.
    • Evaluate the new methods available to assess soil health and their management implications and understand the interpretations of these methodologies.
    • Practices to maximize nutrient efficiency including composting, soil testing, manure analysis and winter livestock feeding strategies.
    • Crop rotation and cover crops in U.P. cropping and perennial forage systems, in particular, renovation without tillage.
  3. Evaluate cost-effective methods to maintain or increase the economic viability of forage production in the U.P. on various soil types.
    • Explore methods to mitigate wildlife damage.
    • Evaluate methods to improve and renovate pastures, including Silvopasture.
    • Continue varietal evaluations.
    • Investigate challenges associated with producing high quality forage and yield.
      • Improve longevity of alfalfa stands and evaluate harvesting techniques.
      • Explore other legume and grass forage options.
  4. Continue to investigate and develop other potential cash crop production and marketing strategies including industrial hemp, soybeans, specialty crops (organic vegetables), seed production, season extension and storage crop production, aggregated marketing, food hub, and value-added processing. 

Other Topics

  • Encourage producer participation in the MAEAP program.
  • Encourage the continuation of agricultural education in the schools.
  • Address emerging invasive species issues.

Updated June 2022