Christmas Trees

Michigan Christmas Tree Industry Research Priorities

  1. Plantation management
    • Managing cone formation in Fraser fir (e.g., PGR’s or herbicides to reduce the cost of picking cones).
    • Improving seedling/transplant establishment
    • Improving nutrient management in plantations and nursery
    • Improved genetics for Michigan (seed orchard development, new tree selection)
  2. Integrated pest management
    • Emerging pest issues – Hemlock and balsam woolly adelgid, spotted lanternfly, midges, etc.
    • Evaluate new pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides) for use in Christmas tree production
    • Non-chemical weed control (e.g., mulches, over crops)
    • Herbicide resistance issues – Stinger, Velpar and Round-up
    • Organic options
  3. Farm management
    • Understanding costs production
    • Consumer preferences and marketing

Updated June 2023