Christmas Trees

Michigan Christmas Tree Industry Research Priorities 2021

  1. Reducing/eliminating cone production
    • Look at using PGR’s or herbicides to reduce the cost of picking cones.
    • Evaluate other plantation management that may influence early coning.
  2. Weed management
    • Evaluate new herbicides for use in Christmas tree production. Particularly broadleaf
    herbicides to use after bud break and mile-a-minute horseweed.
    • The effects of long term glyphosate use on tree growth
    • Herbicide programs to use with ground covers
    • Herbicide resistance issues – Stinger, Velpar and Round-up
  3. Improved Genetic
    • Help establish seed orchards
    • Crosses with fir’s – example: Concolor X Fraser
    • CoFirG trials of Turkish fir
    • Develop trials looking at traits for “target” seedling vs just height (example caliper,
    root shoot ratio) to improve establishment.
  4. Cover Crops• Evaluate cover crops options that would be most beneficial for Christmas tree production. Both pre-planting and post-planting.
  5. Pest Management (insects and diseases)
    • Evaluate new fungicides for use in Christmas tree production
    • Emerging pest issues – Hemlock and balsam woolly adelgid, midges, etc.
    • Sustainable pest management
    • Ways to get off the pesticide treadmill
    • Organic options
  6. Nutrient management
    • Fall applications for harvest and continued field growth (slow and quick release)
    • Fall nursery trials for spring outplanting
    • Fall Year One fertilizer benefits
    • Rates and timing to maintain color at harvest

Updated October 2021