Michigan Corn Industry Research Priorities

Corn Marketing Program of Michigan
Kristin Poley, Executive Director
13750 S. Sedona Pkwy, Suite 5
Lansing, MI 48906

Priority Area 1: Enhance the value of the Michigan corn industry through new and expanded corn markets and value-added uses.

(Specific Priorities in order of importance)

  • Innovative new uses for corn and corn by-products that are environmentally friendly and relevant to consumers.
  • Enhance local, national, international markets for corn, ethanol, and/or corn-based co-products.
  • Strengthen the understanding of soil carbon stores as it relates to sustainable agriculture practices and enhances the opportunities associated with carbon and biofuel markets.

Priority Area 2: Corn production systems that are sustainable, protective of the environment, and economically feasible.

(Specific Priorities in order of importance)

  • Pest management practices related to weeds, insects, diseases, nematodes, wildlife, and microorganisms that are environmentally sound, socially acceptable, and economically feasible.
  • Water management, water quality, drainage and/or irrigation. 

Priority Area 3: Improve the financial future for farm families and businesses.

(Specific Priorities in order of importance)

  • Enhance the decision-making processes from precision generated data relative to input management, cost effectiveness and in-season testing across seasons.
  • Cost effective production methods that may be high input or low cost, ultimately achieving profitable corn production.


Updated September 2022