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Michigan Juice Grape Industry Research Priorities

Submitted by:
National Grape Cooperative

The Mission of the National Grape Cooperative research program is to improve the production of high quality Concord and Niagara grapes grown by National’s members, consistent with our commitment to preserve the environment and to provide consumers with the highest quality and safest grape products.

To achieve this mission, attribute targets for Concord production and quality have been established. These targets are:

  • Brix (percent WSS) 16.5
  • Acid (percent Wt./Vol. Tartaric) 1.0 -1.1
  • Color(CA/ml @ 520,1.0 Cuvette) 20 - 25
  • Concord Flavor  Good/Excellent
  • Yield (Tons/Acre) 7 – 9

In addition to the above general guidelines, we have established a list of research areas of interest. They are:

  • Mechanization of pruning and shoot positioning (Concord and Niagara).
  • Phomopsis control, with special emphasis on the Niagara variety.
  • Grape Berry Moth control.
  • Vineyard nutrition practices to maximize production (Concord and Niagara).
  • Maintaining and/or improving production in older vineyards.
  • Determining the need for and application of post-bloom crop adjustment in Concord vineyards.
  • Developing new methods to more accurately track vineyard maturity progress.
  • Evaluation of new training and trellising systems to maximize production of mature fruit.
  • Evaluation of Ponnax and other materials to enhance fruit set.
  • Determining the benefits of irrigation and fertigation in Concord and Niagara vineyards.
  • Methods to improve vine size.
  • Evaluation of Concord clones for improved production.
  • Dormant season control of powdery mildew and other diseases.
  • Evaluation of chemical and mechanical sucker control in vineyards.
  • Continuing  support of  IR-4 research on registering new pesticides for use in grapes.
  • Application of precision agriculture technologies to Concord and Niagara grape production.

Last Updated: October 2011