Grapes, Wine

Michigan Wine Industry Research & Education Priories List 2018

Research & Education Strategic Directions

  1. Pest & Disease Detection and Control.
  2. Sustainable Vineyard & Winery Practices to increase positive Environmental Impact.
  3. Grapevine Selection & Improvement for Michigan climatic conditions.
  4. Vine Health for Maximum Survival & Fruit Quality.
  5. Improve Understanding of Viticultural and environmental conditions on Grape & Wine Quality.
  6. Introduction of mechanization and Automation to current Production & Management Systems.
  7. Communicate Fundamental knowledge on production principles and best practices to winegrowers and winemakers.
  8. Workforce Development Programs encompassing training and education for the entire employment spectrum – to include all ages and functions.
  9. Extension & Outreach to improve communication and education to all interested growers.

Updated November 2018