Nursery and Landscape

Michigan Nursery & Landscape Industry Research Priorities

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Weed Control

Specific concerns:
  • Strategies for management/control for weeds, alternatives for the loss of methyl bromide.

Integrated Crop Management Best Management Practice (Cultural Practices)

Specific concerns:
  • Water quality: ground water, surface runoff and containment systems.
  • Production medias: components, nutrition, microflora, compost, recycled materials.
  • Reduced input plant selection (diverse selection that affect different segments of the industry).
  • Growth regulation.
  • Water consumption/delivery systems.
  • Environmental stewardship programs.

Pest Management

Specific concerns:
  • Strategies for management/control of major pests.
  • Effects of the Food Quality Protection Act on the green industry.
  • Low-risk products.
  • Quarantines – interstate, intrastate.
  • Spray technology, equipment.
  • Alternative control strategies.
  • Vertebrae damage.

New Crops/Plants Program

Specific concerns:
  • Plant exploration/evaluation native and introduced species.
  • Expanded markets.
  • Value added markets.
  • Selection/evaluation for:
  • Pest resistances.
  • Stress tolerances (urban and suburban landscape development)
  • Phyto remediations in land reclamation/redevelopment.

Business, Marketing, Consumer Issues

Specific concerns:
  • Marketing – perceived value.
  • Education.
  • Social issues – perception/buying trends.

Human Resource Management

Specific concerns:
  • Develop strategies to supply labor for future growth.
  • Migrant issues.
  • Recruitment of underutilized segments of the workforces.
  • Workforce training.
  • Sensitivity training for employers.