Michigan Onion Committee Research Priorities

Contact Information:
Michigan Onion Committee

Executive Director: Greg Bird
Michigan Onion Committee
6835 S Krepps Rd
St John’s, MI 48879
mobile: 517-392-0719
office: 517-663-6725

Weed control

  1. Improved crop safety of post-emergence herbicides.
  2. Improved weed control with pre-emergence herbicides.
    1. Research being performed, MOC Onion grant, Chaudhari 2021, “Weed
      management programs with PRE and POST herbicides in onion” ((Pyroxasulfone), (Tiafenacil,
      Florpyrauxifen-benzyl, and pyroxasulfone + flumioxazin), and (White campion control))
  3. Improved control of yellow nutsedge, marsh yellowcress and pepper weeds through chemical and/or cultural methods.

Disease control:

  1. Improved understanding of Stemphyllium leaf blight to facilitate targeted application of
    effective fungicides when conditions favor this disease
    1. Research being performed Hausbeck SCBG 2019-2021
  2. Improved understanding and control of bacterial bulb rots
    1. Research being performed SCRI grant (Washington State), 2020-
  3. Development of disease forecasting models for onion

Insect control:

  1. Improved control of onion thrips, pesticide resistance strategies for thrips and onion
    maggot, improved IPM strategies.
    1. Research being performed Hausbeck SCBG 2021-2023, “Combining Pest Control Strategies to
      Increase Quality of Yield of Michigan Onions”


Updated September 2022