Peach and Nectarine

Michigan Peach and Nectarine Industry Research Priorities  

Submitted by:
Michigan Peach Sponsors

Revised November 2017

Ongoing, aggressive breeding and new variety evaluation program for new peach varieties. 

  1. Evaluation of new insect management products and strategies, including pheromone disruption, application technology. Insects of particular concern are: western flower thrip, San Jose scale, peach borer, oriental fruit moth, tarnished plant bug, and brown marmorated stink bug.
  2. Determine significance of spotted wing drosophila to the wholesale and direct market peach industry.
  3. Develop better bacterial spot and brown rot management strategies for peaches, nectarines and apricots.
  4. Increased tree longevity and productivity.  Included are better tree establishment, tree training, better rootstock, and disease management strategies.

Also important - not listed in order of priority

  1. Identify, regulate and reduce virus, phytoplasma, and viroid problems in Michigan stone fruit farms. Strategies are needed to keep breeding material and budwood orchards free of contamination, and a systematic program is needed to reduce endemic virus problems in peach commercial orchards.
  2. Determine processing characteristics for both melting and non-melting peach varieties.