Michigan Soybean Research Priorities

Contact Information:
Michigan Soybean Committee
3055 W. M-21
St. Johns, MI 48879

  1. Pest resistance issues in field crops
    • Herbicide resistant weeds
    • Fungicide resistant plant pathogens
    • Soybean cyst nematodes which have overcome genetic resistance
    • Insecticide resistant insects

  2. Loss of nutrients from cropland
    • Improve understanding of nutrient loss
    • Evaluate practices to reduce nutrient loss
    • Develop and/or evaluate products to reduce nutrient loss

  3. Mitigate negative effects of climate variability on soybean production
    • Develop strategies to retain durability of soybean production
    • Maintain resiliency under increased frequency of heavy rainfall events
    • Maintain resiliency under extended periods of reduced rainfall

  4. Increase profitability of soybean production while enhancing environmental sensitivity
    • Develop and/or evaluate systems to improve ecosystem services of soybeans
    • Integrate precision technology production systems to enhance profitability and management of inputs
    • Manage soybean production systems to optimize benefits to growers, processors and the environment

Last Updated: June 2023