Michigan Pickling Cucumber Industry Research Priorities

Updated 2015

Contact Information

Ben Phillips, 1 Tuscola St, Suite 100A, Saginaw, MI 48607, phill406@msu.edu


Special research emphasis on Phytophthora capsici fruit rot and related fruit rots, as well as Downy Mildew, and other viruses impacting pickling cucumbers

  • Monitoring
  • Chemical management
  • Field water management
  • Variety evaluation


INSECTS AND NEMATODES                                                                                                    

Special research emphasis on cucumber beetles, and cucumber-parasitic nematodes

  • Monitoring
  • Chemical management
  • Variety evaluation


OTHER PRODUCTION ISSUES                                                                                                

  • Cover cropping within field crop rotations (soy, corn, wheat, dry bean, potato, sugar beet)
  • Maximizing pollination, and pollinator safety
  • Evaluation of seedless cultivars
    • Economic cost-of-production analyses