Department Scholarships

Several scholarship awards are available to currently enrolled graduate students in Food Science and Human Nutrition. Applications are available in Spring and are awarded in the next academic year.

Jorg A.L. Augustin Fellowship Fund for Graduate Studies in Food Science and Human Nutrition
Recipients shall be selected on a basis of Ph.D. student enrolled in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

J. Robert Brunner Fund for Food Science and Human Nutrition Research
Award available for Ph.D. 1/2 time assistantship in food processing or analytical research.

Dr. Jerry and Stella Cash Professional Development Endowment Fund
Awards for graduate teaching assistantships for a food science graduate student and a nutrition graduate student interested in foodservice management.

Chenoweth Award in Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Award for a dietetics student accepted into a Dietetic Internship Program or to a graduate student in human nutrition or medical-related program.

Dr. Lawrence E. and Violet I. Dawson Professional Development Endowment Fund
Graduate teaching assistantships for graduate students in food science. 

FSHN Graduate Endowment in Honor of Dawson, Harmon and LeVeille
Award to a graduate student in FSHN with demonstrated teaching proficiency, creativity and zeal.

LeRoy and Dorothy Dugan Food Chemistry Fellowship Endowment
Award to a U.S. graduate student(s) with research in the field of lipid chemistry.

Beth and Holly Fryer Endowed Scholarship
Award for an undergraduate student in food technology and management or a graduate student in human nutrition. Minimum GPA of 3.2.

Gerber Endowment Fund in Pediatric Nutrition and Food Science
Awarded to PhD graduate students in nutrition or food science actively engaged in research relevant to nutrition and food science with emphasis on pediatrics who demonstrate academic excellence. Must provide a statement of how your research relates to nutrition and food science with an emphasis on pediatrics.

The Max Gonzenbach Fund for Student Mentoring and Research
Award to a graduate student in FSHN with research project emphasis on "enhanced understanding of the associations between dairy-based foods, nutrition and health."

LeeAnn B. Goodwin Endowed Graduate Research Fellowship
Research fellowships awarded to graduate students with research in newly emerging areas of nutrition.

Charles and Cheryl Groesbeck Graduate Assistantship in Food Science
The Assistantship will be awarded to qualified applicants based on the following criteria: (a) The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, or its future successor MSU unit, if any, will select Assistantship recipients according to its practices and procedures for the selection of Assistantship in effect at the time of the selection. Graduate students admitted in the Food Science graduate program will be considered for the Assistantship. Expendable Amounts may be used to augment an existing student assistantship(s) or to support an additional student or students each year. Recipients will be selected annually. The number of awards made in a given year and the amount of the awards will be based upon available Expendable Amounts in that year.

H.A.M.M. Scholarship
Award for a graduate student enrolled in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. Preference given to graduate students studying food service management.

John Harvey Kellogg Fellowship for Human Health and Nutrition Research
Competitive application process to award graduate assistantships for Ph.D. students in Nutrition.

Erland Kondrup Fellowship
Fellowship to graduate student(s) in FSHN with interest in dairy processing or dairy chemistry, to enhance professional growth.

Olaf and Clarice Mickelsen Human Nutrition Endowed Fellowship
Funds to support a graduate student in FSHN majoring in Human Nutrition.

George A. Purvis Graduate Endowed Nutrition Scholarship
Recipients shall be students enrolled in the Michigan State University Food Science or Nutrition graduate program with the intention of obtaining an advanced degree in nutrition or food science.  Preference will be given to individuals pursuing an advanced degree in the field of nutrition with outstanding academic credentials, and stated and evident interest in the field of nutrition.  Recipients shall be US citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Lois Gordon Ridley Endowed Scholarships/Fellowships
Award to a FSHN graduate student. Preference for a student with financial need.

Dale R. Romsos Endowed Fund for Nutrition Research
Funds for support of graduate students conducting human nutrition research.

Rachel A. Schemmel Graduate Student Endowed Research Scholarship
Award to a nutrition graduate student in FSHN or food science graduate student with a BS degree in nutrition or dietetics. Must complete one semester and submit approved research proposal or have current publication.

Stiver Endowed Fellowship
Awarded to a graduate student in FSHN with preference for financial need.

Mark A. and Kristen L. Uebersax Food Science Graduate Fellowship, endowed by ConAgra Foods
Student enrolled in the Michigan State University Food Science graduate program (either Master’s or Doctoral); Outstanding academic credentials with stated and evident interest in the food science profession; Preference given to individuals with experience or potential for employment within the food industry; Fellowship may be used for funding the recruitment or retention of students. Stellar awardees will receive preference in internship opportunities with ConAgra Foods, Inc.

Professional Organizations

Many scholarships awards are available for graduate students in Food Science and Human Nutrition through associated professional organizations. Please check the individual websites for application information and dates available.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Several scholarships for students enrolled in an advanced degree program. Must be a U.S. citizen and intend to pursue a career in the field of dietetics. Additional information can be found at:

American Society for Nutrition
Awards for graduate students in nutrition programs. Additional information available at:

Institute of Food Technologists
Nationally competitive awards available for food science graduate students with research programs in the area of food science/technology. Additional information available at: