Food Science Graduate Program


The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition offers graduate programs leading to a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Food Science under the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Also offered are numerous opportunities for post-doctoral research.

Students who are admitted into the master's and doctoral degree programs carry out research in either 1) food safety and toxicology or 2) food processing and quality enhancement. A student who is admitted to the graduate program in Food Science is expected to have general, quantitative and organic chemistry, and biochemistry. In addition, preparation for graduate work should include courses in the biological and agricultural sciences, mathematics, physics, nutrition, engineering or economics.

Masters Degree:

For the master's degree in food science, the student may elect either Plan A (with thesis) or Plan B (coursework based). A total of 30 credits are required for the degree under Plan A or Plan B.

Ph.D. Degree:

The degree requirement includes 24 credits of dissertation research, two seminar courses and an appropriate selection of courses that support the Ph.D. research directions.

Ph.D. Dual Major Graduate Program in Toxicology at MSU

In addition to the M.S. and Ph.D. in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, students can also enter the joint Food Science/Environmental Toxicology graduate program. If you are interested in toxicology graduate education and research related to the harmful health effects of environmental or other chemicals, you can enroll in this multidisciplinary dual-degree graduate program in Environmental and Integrative Toxicological Sciences. The EITS program is administered through MSU's Center for Integrative Toxicology (CIT) and, in conjunction with our graduate program, offers outstanding training in basic biomedical science coupled with training and credentials in the discipline of toxicology that can open additional career opportunities. Before enrolling in this program, students must first be accepted for graduate study in a cooperating program such as Food Science.

To find out more about this cooperating program, call 517-353-6469, or e-mail

Research Areas and Faculty:

Food Processing and Quality Enhancement

Food Safety and Toxicology


For questions and information on specific research areas in Food Science, please contact the following:

Food Processing and Quality Enhancement

Dr. Kirk Dolan, (517) 353-3333,

Dr. Jongkyoo Kim, (517) 355-8415, 

Dr. Perry Ng, (517) 353-9605,

Dr. Jeff Swada, (517) 884-5993, 

Food Safety and Toxicology

Dr. Teresa Bergholz, (517) 353-3305,

Dr. Courtney Carignan, (517) 884-2039, 

Dr. James Pestka, (517) 353-1709,

Dr. Felicia Wu, (517) 432-4442,