Dietetics Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the Didactic Program in Dietetics provides key stakeholder counsel, helping the program provide continuous improvement. The board specifically advises the Director, Assistant Director, and Dietetics curriculum committee on important topics such as feedback on how the program goals and objective targets and learning outcomes and activities align with educational needs, and scientific and workplace gaps. It is for this reason that key stakeholders include representation of individuals from various levels of practice who serve to a large extent as preceptors for our graduates when they are accepted into supervised practice. The board is made up of other program directors (from a variety of program types), a current as well as an immediate past student representative, and at least one retired faculty member who also has extensive work experience and knowledge of the program's accomplishments.

Current Board Members

Alex Arvy, Current MSU DPD senior

Tracie Bolton, Ingham County Health Department

Cheryl Coslow, MSU MS/DI Director

Dawn Earnesty, MSU Extension

Diane Fischer, Retired MSU faculty

Amanda KruseReckitt/Mead Johnson Nutrition

Libby MacQuillan, Grand Valley State University

Christina Miller, Madonna University

Emily Ostrowski, Sparrow Health System

Laura Perrett, Morrison Healthcare

Kaitlyn Pscodna, Recent MSU DPD graduate

Jamie Rahrig, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

Tonia Reinhard, Wayne State University

Rebecca Trespasso, Henry Ford Health System

Caroline Webber, Western Michigan University

Teresa Zwemer, Michigan Fitness Foundation