Student Activities

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the nation's largest professional organization for dietitians. As a student enrolled in a dietetic program in an accredited university, but not yet eligible for active membership, you have the opportunity to become a student member of the organization. Benefits of membership include:

  • Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Food & Nutrition - a quarterly magazine highlighting professional activities
  • Evidence Analysis Library (EAL)
  • Continuing education programs and materials
  • Professional publications
  • Member discounts on publications and merchandise
  • Reduced rate for annual meeting, Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE)
  • Dietetic practice groups
  • Membership in state affiliate
  • Job announcements

By far, the most important advantages to you as an Academy student member are the journal, and access to the Evidence Analysis Library.  You get all this for a very small annual fee. Ask a RD faculty member for more information. The dietetics faculty strongly urge you to become a member of the Academy.

To join the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a student member, in addition to submitting the fee, you must complete a membership application.  You can apply online at the Academy’s Web site at

Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is Michigan's professional organization for dietitians. Students who are members of the national organization are automatically members of the state affiliate. Some of the advantages include:

  • Newsletters and publications
  • Annual Meeting (Registration is at a reduced rate for students.)
  • Chance for scholarship award
  • Networking
  • and more.......

By becoming an Academy member, you can improve your marketability, networking, and get to know dietitians in your own geographic area. Consult your adviser for more information, or you can visit the Web site at

Local Dietetic Associations

Local dietetic association in each state can provide students a good opportunity to attend professional meetings, interact with local dietitians and develop professionally. The membership fee for students is nominal and the rewards are great professionally and personally. Members may also know of volunteer opportunities for students.

Honorary Societies

Students who maintain a high GPA and/or fulfill other criteria are most likely to be asked to become a member of a campus honor society. The benefits of joining these societies include recognition for your achievements, boosting a resume, networking and an opportunity to gain experience in an organization by becoming an officer and developing leadership skills. However, joining an honor society can be costly. The initial fee could be $50 or more. There may also be annual dues to consider. Honor society membership is a product of your hard work, and it allows for recognition of your achievements.

Food & Nutrition Association (FNA)

The FNA is an organization for and led by students enrolled in dietetics or nutritional sciences. Meetings are held bi-weekly. There is a nominal membership fee for FNA, charged yearly or by semester. Many interesting topics related to nutrition, foods and dietetics are discussed at meetings. Some past topics have included behavior and food habits, HIV and nutrition, eating disorders, resume writing and many more. Presentations given by area professionals introduce students to varied career opportunities in dietetics. Other events the FNA participates in are a campus 5K Run, pot-luck dinners, a community-service project, and department and college events. In addition to obtaining information about the field of nutrition, students also get a chance to make new friends and be more engaged in the dietetics program. Meetings are announced in HNF classes, through emails, and posted on the bulletin boards in Trout Food Science and Human Nutrition Building. Being an officer is an excellent leadership opportunity. Elections are held at the end of spring semester for the following year. For further information, e-mail or contact an adviser. FNA members are eligible to apply for the two FNA scholarships offered annually. 

Student Senate of the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Student Senate is the academic voice of students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. It’s composed of one undergraduate representative of every student club and every major in the college. Everyone is invited to attend the meetings.

Justin S. Morrill Leadership Fellows

The Justin S. Morrill Leadership Fellows are a select group of undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) who have demonstrated significant academic achievement and participation in campus life and student leadership.

Morrill Leadership Fellows represent MSU and the CANR to prospective students, alumni, industry partners and community stakeholders on campus, throughout the state of Michigan and beyond. 

Members of the Morrill Leadership Fellows receive a small scholarship per semester.

Student Participation: Department Undergraduate Affairs Committee

Student participation in the department's decisions is important. Keeping the department in contact with the students and their needs benefits everyone. The student who becomes involved with the Department Undergraduate Affairs Committee learns a great deal not only about the rules, procedures and processes, but also about working as a part of a team and accomplishing goals. The learning is invaluable. Contacting the department chairperson and members of committees that are of particular interest to you are the best ways to learn more about what is going on, be a part of the changes you would like to see and create your own learning experience. One student member each from the Food & Nutrition Association, Nutritional Sciences Club, and Food Science Club is elected to serve on the Department Undergraduate Affairs Committee.

Undergraduate Learning Assistants Program

Undergraduate Learning Assistants in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition are selected each year to assist FSHN faculty who teach an FSC or HNF course.  Applications are taken each year in April.