2016 Student Awards and Honors

Congratulations to all our students who were recognized during the Department of Forestry 2016 Awards and Honors Ceremony on April 27, 2016.

Benjamin Schram, center left, is awarded the McDonough Scholarship.
  • Budres Foundation Scholarships:
    • Anna Boruszewski, Karli Miller, Nick Ryan, Kelly Sinnaeve, Kenny Fanelli, Taylor Hess, Nick Yadloczky and Lucas Sutherland
  • Theron and Roma Daw Scholarship:
    • Zachery Wolfe
  • James Graham Helmbrecht Endowed Scholarship:
    • Ryan Zimmerman 
  • Clare and Myrtle Hendee Scholarship:
    • Rebecca Blaha 
  • Eleanor and Wilhelm Beckert Scholarships:
    • Nathan Swanberg, Rebecca Blaha, Collin Zaremba, Christian Mercado and Karli Miller
  • Karl Dressel Scholarship:
    • Benjamin Friman 
  • Reginald A. Emmert Animal Science and Forestry Alumni Endowed Scholarships:
    • Bret Foster, Emily Caretti, Andrew Gordon, Collin Zaremba, Rebecca Blaha, Levi Churches, Allison Trudgeon and Matthew Dziadosz
  • Forestry Endowed Scholarships:
    • Benjamin Friman and Hannah Baird
  • Henning Family Scholarship:
    • Kristin Peters 
  • Herbert Humphrey Endowed Scholarship:
    • Kenny Fanelli and Clarissa Winters 
  • Lukens Scholarship:
    • Craig Sklarczyk, Christopher Worst and Taylor Hess
  • New scholarships: 
    • Maureen H. McDonough Endowed Scholarship:
      • Benjamin Schram 
    • Guenther Scholarship:
      • Daphna Gadoth-Goodman

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