Student Focus: Leadership Q&A with Connor Hubbard

The following is a Q&A with Connor Hubbard, a junior, Environmental Studies and Agriscience, concentration in Education.

What roles have you had in Future Farmers of America (FFA) that give you an opportunity to be a leader?

I have served in several roles throughout my time in FFA. In high school, I was the Alcona FFA Chapter Sentinel in 2009 and vice president for the 2009-10 school year.  When I came to Michigan State University (MSU) in the fall of 2010,  I became active with Collegiate FFA as a member. After that I became a Michigan State Officer for the Michigan FFA Association and served as the 2011-12 Region VI state vice president. Currently, I am president of the Alcona FFA Alumni Association, a two year term.

How do those leadership opportunities prepare you for ‘real world’ experiences?

In FFA we say that students in our programs are able to learn life skills that will help them on their life’s journey. Through experiences such as giving presentations at local, regional or state conferences or participating in leadership contests, we have great opportunities to develop public speaking skills and confidence.  FFA also has many supporters and, by representing our organization, we are able to build life-long relationships to which we might have never been exposed.  Whether it’s relationships with community members, executives of businesses or politicians, all help us increase our understanding of the ‘real world’ and can help advise us in our future endeavors.

Why is it important to step up to leadership roles?

I think it’s important to step up because you might never know what you’re missing. More importantly, taking on a leadership role helps you become a well-rounded person.  When you are in a leadership role you serve a variety of people and, by working with these individuals, you are able to experience more in life and learn more about different types of people.

How will these roles impact your future?

The leadership roles I have taken will only continue to help shape my future, but have already shaped who I am and continue to on a daily basis.  My leadership positions have helped me broaden my horizons. These leadership roles have helped me build connections and bridges to other areas in life that I will continue to utilize in the future. Most of all my leadership roles helped me find my passion in life: agricultural and natural resources education.

Will you stay involved with FFA?

 I will always stay involved in FFA.  I am striving to become an agri-science teacher and FFA advisor in the future and am very passionate about the promotion of agriculture and natural resources within not only the classroom, but to the public as well. Even though I can no longer be an FFA member, I can step up and take a different approach of being an alumni member and give back to the FFA.

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