Student Profile: Q&A with Morgan Federau

Q&A with Morgan Federau, Horse Management, Freshman Internship Location: Kentucky Horse Park

July 15, 2016

Morgan Federau

Q&A with Morgan Federau
Horse Management, Freshman
Internship Location: Kentucky Horse Park

Q: How did you choose or pick your internship?

A: I went to work for the Kentucky Horse Park because of the Equine Troops program (a program that helps inner-city and high risk kids learn to work with horses).


Q: Summarize what you are doing this summer at your internship. 

A: At the Kentucky Horse Park I am doing several different jobs.  I assist with the Equine Troops program, but also help teach riding lessons, work in our kid's barn, do daily demonstrations, exercise horses, and ride in the breeds show. I am constantly interacting with guests, and I always have a horse attached to me in some way or another.


Q: What is the most important thing that you have learned from your internship? 

A: During my time at the horse park, I have come to respect the influence a horse can have on a child, and how much the relationship can change a child's life. These kids are victims of abuse on many different levels. Many of them suffer from depression and anger problems. The horses really help them work through that. I have learned how to teach and communicate with kids from many different backgrounds. Patience and compassion are a MUST. 


Q: What will you miss the most when your internship ends?

A: I will miss the ride time, working with the students, meeting the many different breeds of horses, and seeing the kids grow and overcome the obstacles in their lives.


Q: What was the biggest hardship, adjustment, or challenge of this internship?

A: The biggest challenge for me is to listen to the stories of the children's lives and not be able to do more for them. I come home and think about it all the time. It is great that we can teach them life skills through the use of the horses, but you just want to wrap these kids in a hug and take their problems away. It can also be challenging to teach the kids at times, because of anger issues and authority issues.  One day they love me and want to be a great rider, and the next day they say they hate me and want to quit. I have to work with them consistently regardless of what mood they are in.

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