Student Profile: Q&A with Nicole Chase

Q&A with Nicole Chase, Sophomore, Dairy Management, Institute of Agricultural Technology, Internship: Migliazzo and Sons Dairy; Atwater, Calif.

July 26, 2016

Nicole Chase

Q&A with Nicole Chase

Sophomore, Dairy Management, Institute of Agricultural Technology

Internship: Migliazzo and Sons Dairy; Atwater, Calif.

Q: How did you choose your internship?

A: I wanted to find somewhere that would bring me outside of my comfort zone and challenge my skills and my knowledge.

I also really wanted a boss who would be committed to teaching me how they have worked to make their dairy successful. I shared these expectations with my advisor so that we could work together to find the best internship possible. We spent a lot of time looking into all of the opportunities. I had interviews with different dairymen before I finalized my internship at Migliazzo and Sons Dairy in Atwater, California.


Q: Summarize what you are doing this summer at your internship.

A: I help administer vaccinations or other shots during the week, assist the veterinarian at herd health check, help difficult calfings, diagnose and treat sick cows, milk the hospital cow pen, prepared= fields for irrigation, and everything in between! I also experienced other perspectives in the industry by going on day trips with the veterinarian, mating service evaluator, company salesmen, breeder, and nutritionist while they visit with other dairies in the area. I also got to spend some weekends enjoying the sights of California such as Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, and Monterey Bay.

Q: What is the most important thing that you have learned from your internship?

A: I had always thought that I enjoyed the dairy industry because of the cows, and while I like cows, I’ve learned that it’s the people I surround myself with who are also passionate and dedicated that make this industry so special.

One thing that really became apparent to be through this experience is how extraordinary the people in the dairy industry are. The people I’ve met and built relationships with in California have shown me new perspectives within the industry, even if only through a short conversation.

Q: What was the biggest hardship, adjustment, or challenge of this internship?

A: One of the hardest parts of this internship was being so far away from my family and friends.

This hardship has made me appreciate the support I have from everyone while I travel across the country to learn new things and network with new people. This hardship also makes me so grateful for the great relationships I’ve made in California because my experience wouldn’t have been as positive without them.

Q: What will you miss the most when your internship ends?

A: I definitely miss the people that I have built relationships with in California. I truly feel like I have become part of ‘Team Migliazzo’ and I strive to keep in contact with them for years to come.

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