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Dorcia Chaison

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Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources



Higher Adult and Lifelong Education

Dorcia Chaison, Ph.D., is associate dean for undergraduate programs in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR). This role in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs supports students across the college.

Chaison has served has the associate director, and more recently director, of the academic advising and undergraduate programs in CANR since 2008. Chaison also serves as an advising fellow in the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education.

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“Dr. Chaison is deeply dedicated to student success and ensuring we are providing our students, and our advisors, with all possible opportunities and services to be successful” said Kelly Millenbah, associate dean and director for CANR Academic and Student Affairs. “I look forward to continuing to work with Dorcia in this critical role and am excited to have her continued leadership in the college.”

In 2007, Chaison created a program (and accompanying guidebook for students) called Retention, Engagement, Academic and Performance to enhance the success of students in CANR. She also provides support and training for the CANR academic advisors. Most recently Chaison led the onboarding of CANR units with MSU’s adoption of the Student Success Dashboard.

Chaison is also passionate about empowering youth to take a more active role in what foods are offered in their communities, the promotion of healthy eating, cooking, and lifestyle changes, as well as recruitment of youth into MSU-ANR majors. She links the applied research element of the center to her desire to make a difference with the population of youth who gravitate towards expanding their possibilities by gaining knowledge about the multiple components of the food system that are directly connected to their quality of life.