Graduate student news

The following is graduate student news from CSUS.

Graduate student Michele Hockett is conducting field work in rural Malawi for her Master's thesis research on local knowledge and agricultural experimentation among smallholder farmers. Michele is conducting a household survey and in-depth interviews with farmers in Dedza and Ntcheu Districts in central Malawi to learn about farming practices and decision making about crops and agricultural technologies. Michele's research is supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development, through the Africa RISING program (Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation).

Ph D student Phil Grabowski published an article with his advisor John Kerr in the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability titled Resource constraints and partial adoption of conservation agriculture by hand-hoe farmers in Mozambique.  He is currently conducting field research for his dissertation on adoption of conservation agriculture by cotton farmers in Eastern Zambia.

Recent CARRS graduate Emily Reiersgaard just accepted a position as 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator with Virginia Cooperative Extension in Arlington County.  Ms. Reiersgaard completed the Peace Corps Master's International Program in CARRs, serving in Mali from 2010 to 2012; she is eager to apply her education and experiences abroad to working with communities in Arlington, VA. Reiersgaard successfully defended her M.S. professional project in May which was based on observations and interactions over her 20 months of service as a Peace Corp volunteer in Mali.  In "Food Insecurity and Gender Inequality in Mali, West Africa:  Socio-Cultural Dimensions and Programmatic Recommendations," Reiersgaard illustrates how gendered norms confound the efforts of development agencies to reduce food insecurity.

Dr. Seong Ok Lyu, former Ph.D. student who worked with Dr. Chi-Ok Oh in CSUS, was recently hired as an assistant professor in the Department of Tourism at Dong-Seo University, South Korea. He recently published an article in the Journal of Leisure Research titled “The influence of extraversion on leisure and travel participation in the constraints negotiation process.” 

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