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  • Shared Measurement Project Update Webinar

    Published on January 19, 2016

    This webinar summarizes findings from both key informant interviews and surveys, and it discusses emerging areas of focus for the Michigan Good Food Charter Shared Measurement project.

  • A Cultivate Michigan Local Food Distribution Tour

    Published on January 18, 2016

    Offered in conjunction with the Michigan Green Healthcare Conference, this Cultivate Michigan tour highlights a local food distribution facility. Cherry Capital Foods provides only Michigan foods to Michigan customers, including institutions.

  • Michigan Food Hub IT Platform Feasibility Study - Public Summary

    Published on December 22, 2015

    This report is the public summary of the feasibility for Michigan food hubs to develop a shared Information Technology (IT) platform that would integrate a host of business functions to help cooperating food hubs improve their businesses.

  • Overview of Program Evaluation Webinar

    Published on December 22, 2015

    This webinar provides an overview of program evaluation. The training covers a common definition of program evaluation, steps in the process, evaluation questions, evaluation types and feasible methods to consider.

  • Overview of the Research Process Webinar

    Published on December 21, 2015

    This webinar provides an overview of the research process with a focus on community-based participatory research (CBPR). Topics covered include designing research, data collection methods, protecting research subjects..

  • The CDFI-Farmer of Color Capital Access National Project Report

    Published on December 17, 2015

    Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) tested outreach strategies, partnership enhancement, and lending strategies with the goal of improving both organizational capacity and farmer of color relationships.

  • Blueberries Tour 2014: A Cultivate Michigan Video

    Published on December 10, 2015

    In this Cultivate Michigan tour Barbara Norman’s Farm and True Blue Farms Processing Plant describe how their farms operate with a special kind of local connection that Cultivate Michigan strives to make more common.

  • National Food Hub Survey 2015 Results Webinar

    Published on November 19, 2015

    This webinar is an overview of the results from the 2015 National Food Hub Survey, one of the most comprehensive longitudinal data sets on food hub operations to date.

  • A Replicable Model for Valuing Local Food Systems

    Published on November 1, 2015

    Authors were able to estimate the current economic contribution of Michigan's local food system and explore the chain of transactions giving rise to consumption of locally sourced goods from producer to processor to consumption.

  • Uganda: from the Garden to the School

    Published on October 28, 2015

    Bigodi Secondary School and the Bigodi community in Western Uganda has found a sustainable way to work together to form a community-based food system, incorporating agricultural education as well.

  • Small-Scale Urban Food Trade in Lilongwe

    Published on October 27, 2015

    In this video, researchers follow legume trader, Ruth Ndingo, as they explore the traditional food provisioning and exchange environment in Lilongwe, Malawi.