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Sportsmanship: What is it?

Sportsmanship: Role Play

Sportsmanship: Good Sports Greeting Cards

Sportsmanship: Common Ground

Sportsmanship: Pass the Fruit

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4-H Community Service website for lessons and videos:

Service-learning 101:

Teambuilding virtual activity Back-to-back builder:

(communication, perspective, problem solving, team building)

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Investigation and Planning
Teens – Community Mapping activity:

Youth/teens – Get to the Root:

CloverBuds – Service Project:

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Ocean Explorers


In April, Madison took everyone through a day in the life of a Giant Pacific Octopus. It was so much fun, she led a whole summer's worth of presentations. 

Post-program activities: Follow-up the presentation with a visit to our activity pages. They feature games, review sheets, links to live webcams at aquariums, and more! Visit frequently as additional resources and recordings are posted for every program. Some of those review questions (along with questions youth have asked during these programs) will be used in an upcoming TRIVIA contest!

Tune in here anytime to watch LIVE as marine biologists and oceanographers explore the deep sea aboard the Natutilus, a deep sea exploration vehicle 

What other sharks have scientists found in the deep sea? 

Test your shark knowledge with this fun quiz! 

How deep is the ocean and how far down can animal go? 

Goblin shark swimming 00:15-1:00 

Goblin shark feeding 1:00-1:48 

Additional resources on the featured creatures: 

Re-Check with Dr. Pol

Check out the link below to see one of our own Isabella County 4-H Seniors, Lucy Ullom, on an episode of Re-Check with Dr. Pol.  Lucy’s segment starts at about the 3 minute mark.


Livestock Learning Videos


Livestock Links

An important part of raising livestock as a 4-H project is knowing how to market your
project animal. Through marketing livestock resources (1)market animal projects, youth learn valuable life skills in addition to basic animal science care and management. Check out the new resources that are available which includes short information videos.

Biosecurity and Signs of Swine Influenza

Heat Stress and Animal Handling

Preventing and Treating Parasites that Infect Farm Animals

Cattle: RFID Requirements and Bovine TB

Dairy: Assessing Calf Health

Ractopamine Wrap-Up

Why is it Important to have a Relationships with Your Local Health Department?

Checklist to prepare 4-H animal project facilities for winter weather


Biosecurity—as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Biosecurity Cow

Steps to developing a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship


Showmanship 101 for all Species



Meat Marketing and Processing