Nutritional Sciences

The focus of the nutritional sciences major is on the science of nutrition and its relationships to human health. A foundation of biological and physical sciences serves as a basis for understanding human nutrition, with expanded study in a choice of three concentrations.

  1. Biomedical and Molecular Nutrition
    • Advances understanding of issues in human nutrition related to human health;
    • Emphasizes the sciences (chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physiology, physics, microbiology);
    • Meets admissions requirements of most MD, DO, dentistry, PA, pharmacy, and other graduate health programs.
  2. Global Nutrition and Health
    • Emphasizes the international aspects of nutrition;
    • Expands understanding of community nutrition, food security, sustainability, agricultural economics and policy, social justice, and intercultural communication;
    • Provides practice in program planning, intervention, and evaluation.
  3. Public Health Nutrition
    • Focuses on nutritional epidemiology and public health, and skill building in biostatistics;
    • Develops understanding of community nutrition, health promotion and disease prevention, and social policies related to population health;
    • Provides practice in program planning, intervention, and evaluation.

Nutritional sciences graduates may qualify for positions in public health programs, corporate wellness and health promotion programs, food industry, pharmaceutical sales, and similar occupations.  The major also prepares students to enter graduate school programs in nutrition and other life sciences.  Refer to the Pre-Health Professional webpage for more specific information on how the courses in the Biomedical and Molecular Nutrition Concentration correspond with typical medical/professional school requirements.  

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