African Agricultural Markets Programme (AAMP) training resources

The African Agricultural Markets Program (AAMP) aimed to enhance regional capacity, policy dialogue, and coordination on agricultural input and output markets through a series of policy seminars, training, and analytical work.

Training materials were developed for this project and delivered in a series of seminars.

Seminar: “Agricultural Risks Management in Africa: Taking Stock of What Has and Hasn’t Worked” (Lilongwe, Malawi, September 6–10, 2010)

Training Materials

Seminar: “Food Prices Variability: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Options” (Maputo, Mozambique, January 25–30, 2010)

Training Materials


Seminar: “Fertilizer Policy Symposium” (Livingstone, Zambia, June 15–19, 2009)

Training Materials


Seminar: “Trade in Food Staples: Promoting Price Stability and Food Security through Intra-Regional Trade” (Nairobi, Kenya, December 9–11, 2008)

Training Materials


Training Modules

Unit 1. Smallholder Farm Productivity

Unit 2. Smallholder Commercialization

Unit 3. Price Analysis

Unit 4. Regional Trade