Grape IPM Scouting Reports

MSU’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) scouting reports combine results from the grape entomology and pathology programs based on campus, and the grape extension program in northwest Michigan. Staff visit multiple vineyards in southwest and northwest Michigan checking growth stages, monitoring insect traps and sampling leaves and clusters. Their reports are posted on Wednesdays every other week throughout the growing season. Additional reports are added as specific issues need to be addressed.

The free scouting reports are available via email through our e-newsletter, MSU Exension News for the Grape & Wine Industry. If you are not already receiving MSU Extension News, you can sign up by entering your email address here: After entering your email address, scroll down the list and click the box to select “Grape & Wine industry.”

  • ‘Pinot Gris’

    MSU vineyard IPM scouting report – Oct. 9, 2019

    Published on October 9, 2019

    Most grapes are harvested in southwest Michigan and wine grape harvest is underway in northwest Michigan. Weather delays have been altering harvest windows and we are noticing benefits in reflective strips in vineyards.

  • ‘Madeleine angevine’ being netted for bird protection

    MSU vineyard IPM scouting report – Sept. 11, 2019

    Published on September 11, 2019

    Grapes are past veraison and the berries are ripening throughout Michigan. We are approaching harvest for many varieties. There is high disease and insect pressure throughout many vineyards.